Covid 19 policy

As government guidelines have eased, we think that ALL of us have a duty to keep each other safe, so please find below some guidelines that we think will help us all work together to make things safer.


If you have symptoms, think you may be an infection risk, or have come into contact with someone with Covid 19, then please don’t come to the show.

Health Checks

We’d recommend that you do what you feel you can to reduce the risk to others.

Test yourselves regularly.

Get yourselves vaccinated.

If you can’t do any of these things, you will not be excluded, nor will we ask for vaccine passports of any form, but these steps will help keep you a little safer.

Here at Square Roots we will operate a regular testing regime for ourselves prior to shows.

Face Coverings

We would encourage you to wear a face covering to protect yourself and others, but understand if you are unable or choose not to. However, we would like you to respect peoples choices, we are not all the same and we all have different levels of risk tolerance.

Whatever your personal choice, we will have masks on hand if you have forgotten yours or if you decide at the last minute you would prefer to wear one.

Ventilation & Space

Many of the venues we use have air extraction and air conditioning – these will be running before, after and during the shows.

Those that do not, doors will be open around the buildings to increase air flow.

If at any point you feel overwhelmed or you know someone who is, please let us know and we will get you to a safe space as quickly as possible, whether that be in the venue or outside.

Hand Washing

Please wash your hands regularly and for longer.

Hand sanitiser will be available around the buildings in all of the venues we use.

We have been assured by our venues that they are deep cleaning before and after shows, and will be cleaning contact points more regularly.

Ticket Resale

With the ending of coronavirus restrictions, in line with the industry policy, we will no longer be able to offer refunds to any customers who are unable to come to any shows as they have tested positive for the virus.

However, we are still aware of the fact that anyone who tests positive should NOT attend the show out of courtesy to fellow gig-goers. 

Therefore with this in mind, we would recommend the following ethical ticket re-sale sites if you can no longer attend due to illness. &


We ALL have a part to play in keeping us all safe.

Please respect each others needs and personal decisions.

We all have different levels of risk judgement so please be considerate to others that may feel more vulnerable, nervous or anxious. It will only take a bit of kindness from all of us to keep our live music venues safe spaces.

Thanks Everyone,

Ken and the Square Roots team.