The Square Tower

The Square Tower,

Broad Street, Old Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2JE.

The Square Tower, which spectacularly overlooks the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour, was built in 1494 during the reign of Henry VII as part of the City fortifications, and was also used as an arsenal and contained large amounts of gunpowder and munitions – hence the 20 foot thick walls to protect it from cannon fire!

Today it stands as one of the few remaining Tudor works to survive, and as you can imagine is home to a wonderfully awesome historic and unusual atmosphere, making for a unique concert experience for both audience and artist alike.

The Square TowerThe Tower is also now licensed, therefore a range of beer, wine, teas, coffees and snacks are available to complement the great music.

Colvin Quarmby Christmas CrackerThe main room for our concerts, seats 100 people comfortably. There is a stage approximately 450mm high which can house a 5 piece band with ease.

There is no in-house PA (we can hire in if required!), but there are some lights which certainly add to the unique ambience of the venue. Just take a look at the photos for proof of this!

Colvin Quarmby Christmas Cracker

There is plenty of free parking after 6pm in the cobbled car park just around the corner in Grand Parade, and if you’re lucky even outside of the venue itself.

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